Infinity of chairs

The Ratskeller (2010-04-08) on a day when the weather was not so good.



Snaking path

Industrial Burbach in the foreground, Gersweiler, the other side of the Saar, in the background. The path mainly leads to the colourful lock.


art gallery,

Centre Pompidou à Metz

Opened last week by President Sarkozy, currently host to some of the best works of art of the twentieth century.


sign, woods,

Landscape protection area

The sign slowly succumbing to the landscape itself.


opencast mine

Evening panorama

As indicated in the previous photo, I was surprised to step out of miles of forest to see this vista. In fact, looking up the location on Google maps, I am even more surprised. At the time of the Google satellite pictures, the valley was still being mined. The other surprise is that I was unknowingly standing on the frontier. The viewing platform is German, but all the valley is French.


viewing platform

Forest with a view

Hours in the forest, nothing but trees, trees, path and more trees. And then a viewing platform. What can there be to see?



Twentieth century mediaeval

At least one church in Saarland does not have an onion topping.


water, cage

Caged water

With the decision of June 8, 2008, the Ministry of Justice, Work, Health and Social Affairs has declared the water in bore number 6 to be official mineral water


The Parliament of Saarland

Saarland is a tiny state (ca 1,000,000 inhabitants) and Saarbrücken is its tiny capital (ca 180,000 inhabitants).


bees, door, court

Stony bee

The main entrance to the Saarland Constitutional Court (Verfassungsgerichtshofs des Saarlandes)


bike stand, red bicycle,

Call a Bike

The new rent-a-bike scheme at the Saarbrücken railway station.


church, huguenots,


French exhoration on the Huguenot church in the German village of Ludweiler


church,  huguenots

Huguenot Church

Built in 1786, after one of several waves of refugees of Huguenot Protestants escaping persecution in Catholic France. The French family names remain in the village, but the French language and the Huguenot traditions have died out.