Reading on the steps

... of the Baroque Town Hall in Homburg.


High street high wire

The new shopping mall hired a circus act to keep the shoppers in a happy, money-spending mood.


Tea sensation

A craze that started in Taichung, Taiwan, in the 1980's and has now taken Saarbrücken by storm: bubble tea. This is the biggest hit with the teenagers in town. I have never seen a queue less than 20 long at the shop in the photo. All the teas there are from the Zenique brand and come from the Nantou highlands of Taiwan. The green tea espresso with osmanthus flowers tasted especially fine - sans bubbles.


Meeting of the waters

The Saar (Sarre) is in the foreground next to the stone. The Mosel (Moselle) is in the background flowing under the second bridge. Eventually, this water will flow into the Rhein (Rhine) at Koblenz and then into the big blue sea, maybe to end up at a shore near you.


Saarmündung - Mouth of the Saar

Here the Saar flows into the Mosel. With that, this blog has covered all 200km of the Saar from Sarralbe in France to this spot. You can trace the course with photos on Google Maps. There remain about 60km to cover, from the source of the Saar to Sarralbe.



A sculpture by Dorsten Diekmann on the bank of the Saar.


Vines on a hill

For some reason, vines are not grown in the Southern reaches of the Saar. As one gets closer to the Mosel, vineyards begin to crop up - like this one, for which it looks like they have shaved the hill.


Schleuse Serrig

Doing a little bit to wean us onto renewable energy.