lake, maginot line, swan

Shades of green

Another of the little lakes in the Maginot aquatique. This time less anglers, more swans.


maginot line, fishing

Anglers' huts

In order to continue the Maginot Line in the area east of Metz, the French decided to use the strategy of flooding. For this they dammed the rivers and allowed a series of lakes to form. The war is long gone, but the lakes are still there -- a paradise for French and German anglers alike.


Flowerpot woman

When I went back to Ippling, Lorraine, to continue on a another stretch of the vis-à-vis cycle route, I discovered Bill's (or Ben's) partner. No sign of Little Weed, yet.



Meandering Saar

The famous Saarschleife (2009-08-24), but this time instead of strolling from the car park, we climbed the steep path from the banks of the Saar.




This is from the banks of the Saar, where graffiti spraying is condoned, if not actually officially encouraged (2009-03-21). I cannot really do this character justice with my phone camera. I have to take the shots from the other side of the Saar and crop them. But I thought I had to record him for public record before he gets sprayed over. He appears four times and in each scene is equally rapturous about the object in his hand, which we assume must be a pencil.


church, church spire, minaret, mosque

Spire and minaret

From two villages close to one another in Lorraine.


storm, footpath,

After the storm

After days of sweltering 35° sun, a powerful summer storm struck. Here are the effects on a footpath by the River Saar.


manor house

Computing shangri la

Schloss Dagstuhl built in the 18th century by Count Anton von Öttingen-Soetern-Hohenbaldern, now a haven for computer researchers and buzzing bees (2010-07-03).



Silent vuvuzela

Germany has been a sea of red-gold-black for the past few weeks, as the national side put on a great show in South Africa.


circus, tent


This tent on the bank of the Saar is up all year round. It is a circus school.


Lady Octavie's bee

Though it may not know it, this bee is buzzing around in the baroque garden created by Octavie de Lasalle von Louisenthal (Schloss Dagstuhl : History).



Helpful orientation outside of Saarland's Astronomical Observatory,