statue, uhlan


Uhlans were Polish light cavalry armed with lances, sabres and pistols. The title was later used by lancer regiments in the Russian, Prussian, and Austrian armies.


autobahn, flood

Urban autobahn

The main traffic artery in Saarbrücken, as seen in 2010-01-16 — this time with more water and fewer cars.




This would normally be a placid river, but water from snow-melt is turning it into a turbulent torrent.



Warning, free range chickens ...

... Dogs must be kept on a leash


art,  periscope

Solar-powered city periscope

Every town should have one. Ours was put up by local art students, if I recall correctly from the report in the local newspaper.


stained glass, stairs,

Stairs and stained glass

Former mining administration buildings, now a bookstore.


truck, woods, snow

Forestry truck in the snow

This vehicle was spraying mud and leaves from the side of the path up into the air. What greater purpose this serves I never did find out.


Remains of a Celtic fort, Otzenhausen

The Celtic circular fort at Otzenhausen is one of the biggest fortifications the Celts ever constructed... In times of war, the circular rampart was a strong fortification against enemies. However, theories suggest this fort might have been more than just a refuge. It might, in fact, have been a permanent settlement, a village or the seat of a local leader...The first fortification was constructed in the 5th or 4th century BC, but the real heyday of construction dates to the 2nd and 1st century BC. For reasons yet unknown, the fort was abandoned shortly after this expansion.

Wikipedia (slighltly redacted)



Cerda & Celtoi

Celtic-inspired art, one of 18 pieces near an old Celtic fort.


graffiti, mural, sailor

Twenty-first century fresco

The artist who created the pencil-lover character (2010-07-19) has now developed a new style.