Celtic totem pole: to be found before a house in a reconstructed Celtic village.


Into the Underworld: the lighting inside the museum in Reinheim. Following these lights will take you to the body of a Celtic princess, bedecked in her finest jewelry for her trip into another world.


Celtic cat: a cat figure in Celtic style standing patiently in the rain before a burial mound.


Medelsheim: This photo is taken from the cemetry in Medelsheim looking down onto the village. The cemetry contains a chapel that dates back to 1767. When the chapel received remains of the Holy Cross from Rome in 1804, 14 statues were created depicting the story of the crucifiction. They are in the little white huts in the photo. The spire in the centre of the village is from the church of Saint Martin, whose histroy goes back to Roman times.

Medelsheim is recognised an official part of the German branch of the Camino de Santiago.


White speckled undergrowth: an attempt to capture some of the feeling of Spring in the woods.


Greening: the tree is presumably now even greener. The photo was taken eight days before posting.


Wooden horse trio: maybe, left over from a knights' training camp?


Knight's eye view: It is assumed that Altdahn Castle was originally built in the 13th century. However, since then it has been destroyed several times through war, fire and subsidence.  It last functioned in a military fashion in the Nine Years' War, when it was eventually destroyed by the French General Mélac in 1689. In 1820, much of the ruins fell away as part of the cliff broke off. Since 1877, there have been intermittent attempts to restore it to its former glory.


Showing your colours: military fortresses changed through the ages, flying the flag does not.


Sea of trees: a view from Dahn castle that is on the edge of the Pfälzer Wald, the largest forest in Germany.


Mr Duck goes shopping: just popping in to get some groceries before going for a dip.


Latest Peugeot model: maybe, this will help tide them over the economic downturn.


Leaf carpet: looking especially bleached and dessicated after a winter of frost and sun.


Zig-zag panorama: it was a hazy morning but there were still some fine views to be had from the Schwarzenberg Tower. This in the view in the direction of Eschberg.


Schwarzenberg shadow: Not the most elegant building in Saarbrücken, but it does a fine job in providing spectacular views over the woods and the city. The fount of internet knowledge tells us that the tower was erected in 1930 and renovated in 1984. It is 46 metres above the ground and 416 metres above sea level.


Staircase coil: This is the inside of 2008-12-22. It has just re-opened on April 1 after closing for the winter.


View from Rabbit Hill: 85% of the area of Saarbrücken has not been built upon. Around 50% of that is woodland.


Cobbled numbers: to be found on the stairs to Kaninchenberg (Rabbit Hill).