Prickly white

I have no idea what these plants are called. They are growing on a marshy area near the bullrushes (2009-10-09). Maybe, “lazy web” can tell me?


celts, sacrifice

Hansel and Gretel

Squint and you will see a male and a female figure here. They are signposted as the fairy-tale characters Hansel and Gretel, but, in fact, date back to the second century AD and are probably Celtic gods of the forest. They are located not far from the ancient boot-shaped stone (2009-10-11), in a secluded woody valley, and it is assumed that Hansel and Gretel also formed part of rituals of sacrifice.


woods, shelter

Strange toadstool

I wonder what this was for. To protect hikers from the rain?


barn, graffiti

Ramshackle shed

This shed is just behind the train in 2009-11-24. It looked so wonderfully dilapidated, I had to get to the other side of the railway lines and take a shot.


wildpark, sign,  wooden animals

Goodbye Wildpark

The reverse of the sign at the entrance / exit. This concludes our little tour of Saarbrücken's musical, geological wildlife park.


serpentine, wildpark,

Snake rock

Not a menhir, but one of the geology exhibits in amongst the goats, horses and boars in the Wildpark. This particular chunk of rock is serpentine from Greece, age ca. 171 million years.


Hare and hedgehog

A story from the Grimm brothers (original Low German, English translation), wherein is told the tale of a hare that ridicules the stumpy legs of a hedgehog. The offended hedgehog challenges the hare to a race to take place in a field. As the hare reaches the finishing line at the end of the field, he sees the hedgehog's wife who appears identical to her husband. Imagining he has been beaten, the hare challenges the hedgehog to another race. This is repeated 73 times. On the 74th race, the hare collapses and dies on the spot.


grave, willi graf

Willi Graf - 1918-1943

Willi Graf was raised in Saarbrücken. As a schoolboy and student, he was a member of the anti-Nazi resistance movement, playing an active role in the White Rose resistance group. He was arrested twice. At the second time, he was executed. Since then, he has become a fine example of civil courage and seven schools have been named after him, including the Willi Graf Gymnasium in Saarbrücken.


glass façade,  sport school

Infinity of glass

The façade of the swimming pool on the grounds of the Hermann Neuberger Sport School.


statue, grey day,

Looking away

This sculpture is entitled Sitzende (Sitting woman) and is the work of a local artist, Otto Zewe (1921-2003).


halloween, pumpkin


It is probably something that has only been picked up in recent years from American TV and films, but now scaring the neighbours and getting some sweets is a firm favourite with children in Saarbrücken.