hermes, winged helmet, sport school,

Hermes on an autumn sky


  1. Autumn weather looks so much the same as it does here in Canada. The sculpture is quite attractive.

  2. I prefer this one to the sculptures in your last photo (can't get over the piercing I suppose ;-)). The delicate helmet gives a nice touch. Another artist? That is really an interesting sport school.

  3. Hermes is the sculptor?
    obviously saarland is a beautiful place!!! every day a new picture, and its always beautiful places!

  4. The sky looks pretty much like ours here lately. Gray.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Unseen Rajasthan: Thanks.

    Stine: I wonder if Ontario has a similar climate to Saarbrücken. I would imagine snow comes a bit sooner.

    Martina: I think really this is part of the previous day's sulpture. The javelin thrower is gazing at this.

    Helen: Hermes (or Roman Mercury) is the the God of sports and schools -- not inappropriate for a sport school. His symbol is the winged helmet. I have no idea who the creator was. I am glad you like the pictures. I do try to mix it up a little, so that not everything is kitschily pretty.

    Don and Krise: Yup, golden trees, gray sky are Saarbrücken's autumn colours, too.

    Lucas Mendes: Obrigado.

  6. Very unusual sculpture. The winged helmet is so small, you can almost miss it (you didn't obviously).