spiral staircase,

Orange spiral


  1. Qué escalera de caracol tan rara, me sorprendes con estas construcciones. Bien vista

    Un abrazo

  2. The spiral is nice. The steps is nice. The graffiti is not nice. Has the orange faded over time.

    The spiral shape is pleasing to the eye, however.

  3. This spiral is a great idea mainly for inside spaces, I think it's modern and charming...

  4. Great composition! Love this kind of architectural detail photo.

  5. I like the shape but orange is not my colour.

  6. Orange? Or rust? Or minium? Both? ;-) The architect might be inspired by the heavy industries in Saarland.

  7. Great industrial look to this one. I've always liked spiral stairs.

  8. Urban landscape at its best :) Nice colors and the composition.

  9. The orange spiral makes me think of Melbourne's "Yellow Peril". Nice photo.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  10. Thanks for the comments.

    Ángel Corrochano: El color choca, no?

    Julie: I have to say that if the stairs had been in perfect condition without the graffiti, I probably would not have taken the shot. And yes, the shine has gone off the orange paint.

    Cezar and Léia: Yes, and I like spiral staircases. I have several in old photos in this blog.

    Em-illi: Děkuji.

    JM: Obrigado. Especially with a phone camera and the small format here, I think detail shots work better.

    Joan Elizabeth: Sorry, there was only an orange staircase. I will be on the look out for more colours. Do you have a favourite?

    Martina: Maybe, they recycled a turbine?

    Don and Krise: I, too, have a weak spot for such stairs. I have shots of several in this blog. They offer lots of angles and shapes.

    Andreea: Mulţumesc.

    BlossomFlowerGirl: I had to look up the Yellow Peril. I wonder why they called it that. It seems innocuous to me.

  11. Here you are really demonstrating what photography is capable of; photographing odd things to make them look great! Very well done!