halloween, pumpkin


It is probably something that has only been picked up in recent years from American TV and films, but now scaring the neighbours and getting some sweets is a firm favourite with children in Saarbrücken.


  1. It is here too ... and even if I am sure that this is only some big marketing thing introduced by American TV and film and I do not take an active part in all this I can't help finding the little ones that were at my door very cute and finding this photo very cool :-).

  2. I like the settings for this photograph. Just enough light.

  3. It is beginning to catch on Australia too but only in a mild way ... no kids knocking on door around here at least. I like this photo.

  4. That's a wonderfully spooky capture! :)
    God bless you!

  5. Hope you enjoyed Halloween - nice photo:)

  6. he he ont a eu la meme idée :P

  7. This is a very good one! :-)

  8. This immediately reminded me of the movie.

  9. Its a fine composition and perfect for the celebration. Happy post Halloween.

  10. Thanks for the comments.

    Martina: I think it a great marketing coup for pumpkin farmers. They are the main ones to benefit, along with the Chinese factories that make scary masks. But really the kids need little marketing. When the neighbourhood kids knock at your door in fun costumes, collecting bags full of sweets, you can be sure your kid will want to join them.

    Gallow: Thanks - a full two candles worth of light here.

    Joan Elizabeth: As I pointed out to Martina above, there is a natural snowball effect to the custom.

    Cezar and Léia: Obrigado. I hope you were not too spooked by the photo.

    joo: Well, I enjoyed carving the pumpkin. I am a little too old to go out trick-or-treating, myself.

    yann: Great minds think alike!

    JM: Obrigado.

    Don and Krise: The snaggle-toothed pumpkin movie?

    Carraol: Gracias. Parece que en México con la fiesta de los muertos teneis una fiesta aún más impresionante.

  11. Great shot, just enough light to make it really spooky.

  12. calabacitaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


    me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

    pero eso ya lo sabes.

    que buena esta esta, muy contentita

  13. Terrorificamente sugerente amigo

    un abrazo

  14. Great Halloween shot! Well, I'm torn when it comes to Halloween. But methinks, the trick is to catch the kids. In 30 years or so Halloween will be everywhere.