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Ramshackle shed

This shed is just behind the train in 2009-11-24. It looked so wonderfully dilapidated, I had to get to the other side of the railway lines and take a shot.


  1. It was begging you to photograph it.

  2. Que contrastes ¿no?, tanta modernidad al lado de retazos de otros tiempos. Buna foto

    Un abrazo

  3. Old buildings are fantastic to photograph. Great job.

  4. • con la mirada atenta...

    El mundo rural ofrece rincones fotogénicos, como el que nos muestras.

    • saludos
    CR & LMA

  5. Hmm, interesting - I like the graffiti on this wooden wall.

  6. Thank you for always appreciating my calligraphy.
    I am glad.

    About your doubt, the following commentary may serve as a reference.

    "However, early inventors of the Chinese writing system found it difficult to find a pictograph that could represent the abstract concept of "negative," and 不 probably sounded like the word "no" (Pinyin: bù or fǒu in modern Mandarin). As time passed, some elected to add a mouth to the bottom of the character (否) in order to distinguish it from the original word."

  7. Yes, it is wonderful. Especially with the graffiti, that gives a nice touch and makes everthing more interesting.

  8. Yes ... I love old buildings. Glad you got to the other side of the line to take it. The construction is interesting not the same as timber buildings here.

  9. GREAT! I love ramshackle buildings. I posted a rundown house today, too. :)

  10. It looks beautiful, the red graffiti adds a lovely dash of color. Glad you crossed the lines :)

  11. Thanks for the comments.

    Don and Krise: Yes, begging it was.

    Ángel Corrochano: Este tipo de contraste se ve mucho en la zona de Saarland.

    Gallow: Thanks.

    Ñoco Le Bolo: Cuando uno empiece a mirar, hay rincones fotogénicos por muchos sitios.

    joo: Dziękuję.

    ruma2008: I am always fascinated by the beauty and the history of Chinese / Japanese characters.

    Martina: Maybe, I should take a spray can to add a nice touch to more photos?

    Joan Elizabeth: I thought I had better capture it before it totally fell to bits.

    Stine: Yours is also wonderfully wooden and weathered, but in Saarland we seem to haven beaten you for ramshackleness.

    Andreea: Mulţumesc.