Remains of a Celtic fort, Otzenhausen

The Celtic circular fort at Otzenhausen is one of the biggest fortifications the Celts ever constructed... In times of war, the circular rampart was a strong fortification against enemies. However, theories suggest this fort might have been more than just a refuge. It might, in fact, have been a permanent settlement, a village or the seat of a local leader...The first fortification was constructed in the 5th or 4th century BC, but the real heyday of construction dates to the 2nd and 1st century BC. For reasons yet unknown, the fort was abandoned shortly after this expansion.

Wikipedia (slighltly redacted)


  1. Me encantan esos verdes del musgo, se iluminan para mostrarnos el camino
    Un abrazo

  2. These stones look like "emerald"! Wonderful composition!

  3. Bonito contraste entre el musgo, las piedras y árboles, muy bonita.

  4. Great shot and thanks for the history lesson.

  5. Impressionant! Savais-tu que les Celtes vivaient aussi pres de Cracovie? On y retrouve les vestiges de leur industrie et leurs habitations.

    Bon dimanche!