autobahn, dusk

A620: to bury or not to bury

There is a plan (Stadtmitte am Fluss - City Centre on the River) to put this stretch of autobahn in a tunnel. As well as reducing the noise and pollution, it would also prevent the regular flooding. However, the plan is not cheap and the city is not particularly flush with cash.


  1. This one really amazes me for being a phone cam.

  2. You do a fabulous job with dusk shots, I always appreciate them. I don't understand your comment on this one though.

  3. Wie das Leben, kein Stillstand.

  4. You have a really good phone cam.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Don and Krise: To some extent, it amazes me. I was curious how the car lights would turn out and was quite pleased with the result.

    Joan Elizabeth: I have now added an explanation to the original post.

    Frau G: In der Tat. Einige wollen diese Autobahnstrecke in einem Tunnel verbergen. Der Lärm gibt aber der kleinen Stadt ein bischen Großstadtgefühl.

    Ulrica: Thanks.

  6. All the German towns are orderly.
    Of course I think that there is historic beauty in the building.

    However, I suppose that one of the regular beauty is appropriate.

  7. Superb shot AB.

    All the more impressive for the fact that it was captured by a mobile phone cam.

  8. eine schöne stimmung hast du da eingefangen.