river bend, saar


The most famous sight in Saarland.

Both Besseringen and Mettlach lie on the Saar and they are only 2km apart as the crow flies. The Saar, however, does not follow the crow, it makes an impressive 10km detour known as the Saarschleife, the Saar Loop. I am not the first to have discovered this pretty panoramic view. Friedrich Wilhelm IV, Adolf Hitler and Konrad Adenauer have passed by this spot, and in 2006, Angela Merkel organised a meeting there with Jacques Chirac and Lech Kaczynski, the Polish President.


  1. This is such a lovely view! Great shot!

  2. What exactly am I looking at -- a river doing a big bend, an island in a lake?

  3. Wow, great view! Looks like a beautiful, pristine place. Nicely captured!

  4. very nice indeed. Do you walk from Mettlach to that place or do you take the car? :-)

  5. The most famous sight in Saarland - definitely. I have been there some two or three years ago, it is simply wonderful.

  6. una panoramica especacular... el aire por ahi ha de ser de lo mas limbio y fresco.


  7. That is an amazing river bend. It's so curved.
    Great shot!

  8. Wie eine Komposition ausgezeichnet sehr gut erreicht Greetings fotografische Blick.

    Grüße von Kreativität und Phantasie Fotos von Jose Ramon

  9. Kcalpesh: Thanks, the view is lovely, indeed. Although I can take little credit for discovering it.

    Joan Elizabeth: I have added more text to the entry. It should now be a bit clearer.

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: The whole area is nice.

    wooki: This time I took the car. I was really there for a football match, not for sight-seeing. At other times, I have stayed in Dreisbach and gone walking from there. Recently, I saw a cycle route that goes from Mettlach over to Perl on the Moselle. Maybe, next time I will take a bike.

    Martina: It is wonderful, indeed.

    Sonia: Si, si. El aire fresco y una vista espetacular.

    James: Yes, a beautiful quirk of nature.

    José Ramón: Gracias.

  10. Looks like that bend in Grand Canyon... without the rocks :-)

  11. Pues si que son muy muy parecidas, que cosas... :)

    Muchisimas gracias por el enlace, me encanto ver la curva gemela y además la fotografia, es un paisaje verde como mi tierra :)

    Un fuerte abrazo!!!