trees, slant



  1. I am wondering what happened to the trees ... can't be the wind in this enclosed space ....

  2. Martina: I think it is the big wall on the left that has given them the slant.

  3. hm, but the ones in the middle row are slanted, too. Looking like trees that had too much beer ...

  4. I like this rather empty courtyard ... I imagine it is lovely when the leaves are on the trees.

  5. Irgendwie passt die Bodenpflasterung nicht zu den Bäumen. Naturboden wäre schöner. Gruss an die Stadtplanaer.

  6. They are reaching for the sun like all of us, just a little moment in the sun.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I really love your pictures and observations.
    Besos de Sacramento.

  7. Makes me wonder if the wind is strong there.

  8. Thanks for the comments.

    Martina: I thinl the trees in the middle are as much in the shade as those on the left, or have had the same amount of beer.

    Joan Elizabeth : I probably would be lovely, except that it looks like it is a car park.

    Frau G: Ich frage mich, was die Stämme vor den Bäumen sind. Schützen sie vor einparkenden Autos?

    Mary: Indeed, we all need the sun.

    Hilda: As Mary and donnie point out, the trees are probably growing towards the sun. The big wall on the right means that side is in constant shade.

    sophie philo: Ein paar Blätter wären dann hilfreich.

    donnie: Yup, the effect is pretty pronounced.