maypole, sky,



  1. A maypole ... I thought they were something that lived in the past not the present. It looks incredibly tall.

  2. Y, como se verá desde ahi arriba?

    Fantastica mirada :)


  3. Nice angle!
    anyway, what's a maypole for?

  4. I didn't know they can be found in Germany:)

  5. So you have some Bavarian Fest in Saarland? ;-)

  6. This one is particularly nice! I love the colors, angle and general feeling it gives me to look up that maypole. Such a wonderful symbol of spring!
    Hello from CA

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    Andrey Dorokhov: Спасибо.

    Joan Elizabeth: There are a few maypoles around here. Germany has kept such folk traditions for longer than England.

    Merce: Yo te doy la máquina de fotos y tu subes, vale?

    Dindin MK: Like many things, the original significance is lost in the pagan past. These days it seems to be excuse for the villagers to get together and have a party at the beginning of May.

    joo: Do you have them over there in Silesia? Have you been dancing around one lately?

    Andreia Dias: Obrigado.

    Martina: I am not too sure. The colours are certainly Bavarian, but is not blue and white the standard DIN norm for maypoles throughout the whole of Germany?

    Mary: As Martina pointed out, the colours have extra significance in Germany. All Germans associate blue and white immediately with Bavaria.

  8. Almost: "Ein richtig geschnürter (bemalter) Stamm hat in Bayern die Spirale von unten links nach oben rechts gedreht. Als Vorlage dienen dabei die bayerischen Rauten, die den weiß-blauen Himmel darstellen."