Twentieth century mediaeval

At least one church in Saarland does not have an onion topping.


  1. I like the simple lines of this building. And I never cease to marvel at what you can do with a mobile phone.

  2. Die möchte man auch mal von innen sehen. Wunderbare Aufnahme.

  3. Don't say Saarlandian churches have onion toppings? ... the only onion topping church north of the Main river is in Mainz btw (since we do not have valuable water that has to be put behind bars I simply had to say _something_ about Mainz) - no really, I always thought onion toppings only occur in Bavaria and further south ...

  4. What a beautiful place. Top notch photo too.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    joo: Dziękuję.

    Andreia Dias: Obrigado.

    Joan Elizabeth: I never cease to marvel how people manage to operate anything more complicated than a mobile phone. I have a hard enough time trying to find something worth photographing and framing it decently. If I had to worry about F-stops, lens selection and filters, I would never take any photos.

    Frau G: Ich hatte leider keine Zeit das Innere anzuschauen. Der "Warndter Dom" hat aber seine eigene Website.

    Martina: Yes, in Saarbrücken they go out of their way to onionise church towers (2009-07-17). Actually, this thread keepe reminding me of that wonderful song "Ich habe 'ne Zwiebel auf dem Kopf, ich bin ein Döner ..."

    Don and Krise: Thanks.

  6. buuuahhhwaaaa ... what's this? A Saarbrückian Fastnachts song?

  7. lol - yesterday I asked at lunch and none of my colleagues ever heard about zwiebeln auf dem kopf, but one recalled "döner macht schöner" ...