Football tournament in the sun


  1. And you prefered playing in the sandpit ... :-)

  2. Me gusta la composición, dirige la mirada hacia el fondo, donde se encuentra la acción
    Un abrazo

  3. What has the sand pit got to do with football?

  4. Interesting composition. What's even more interesting is when I click the picture to make it larger even the houses in the far distance are clear. What a great phone that is.

  5. Maybe the kids can play in the sandbox whilst the grown ups watch the game.

  6. gr8 foreground and dimension.
    so how was the football tournament? ^0^

  7. Sun? I hardly remember what sun is!

  8. Thanks for the comments.

    Martina: I was too old to play in the tournament. What else could I do?

    photo ex machina: Thanks.

    Ángel: Gracias.

    Joan Elizabeth: Is that a photographic composition or a football club question? From the football club perspective, it is somewhere next to the grill and beer marquee where the little toddlers play while big brother bashes a ball around.

    Sandra: Thanks. They do not always come out totally sharp, but I have 12 million pixels to play with on my phone.

    Don and Krise: I think that is it, except that on this day the sand was so hot that no kid wanted to roast themselves in it.

    arabesque: How was the football? Well, the technical level of the 10 year olds was a bit below Cristiano Ronaldo standard, but there was all the drama of a penalty shoot-out. Nail-biting stuff!

    joo: I will keep posting photos to remind you.