Snaking path

Industrial Burbach in the foreground, Gersweiler, the other side of the Saar, in the background. The path mainly leads to the colourful lock.


  1. Luminosos colores. Me gusta la composición y como la curva dirige la mirada.
    un abrazo

  2. Good place for walking or cycling.

  3. A simple composition, but effective!

  4. This likes the bike paths that are beginning to wind their way around out cities.

  5. Nice. I still don't remember the sun and blue sky, photos were from archives:)

  6. Thanks for the comments.

    Ángel: Gracias, así lo traté de componer.

    frankdejol, Joan Elizabeth: Yes, just around the corner is the Saar with an extremely popular cycle route along the old tow path (Saar cycling route)

    photo ex machina: Thanks.

    joo: I know the photos were from the archive, but at least they must have served to jog your memory.

  7. Very, very beautiful blog and photos, have a nice day Radka.

  8. That is nice, I think you are having good time there and walking a lot!Looks a peaceful place to enjoy some cycling as well.Hmmm I need to confess that I have this feeling about cycling , I think I will buy one, everybody here in Europe enjoy it, I would like to try.But first I need to learn how to do curves with the bike! LOL It's true!

  9. No wonder everything is so green. Yesterday I watched all the rain coming from Saarbrücken to Mainz on the regenradar ... pfft.

  10. Radka: Děkuji.

    Cezar and Léia: I should point out that this is not really a cycle path. I think that it is mainly intended for motorised vehicles to get to the lock and the moorings just around the corner. However, the cycle path proper starts at this lock (2010-04-25). The tow paths along the Saar and the Mosel are very popular with family cyclists. They are totally flat, have no cars and pass through some really picturesque scenery.

    If you are not up to the curves with the bike, another popular activity along the tarmacked sections of these tow paths is inline skating.

    Martina: I am not that up-to-date with picture posting: this scene is from before the rain.