golden letters


Every German town has one: the restaurant within the town hall.


  1. Buen detalle. Me gusta la profundidad que has obtenido en la toma.
    Un abrazo

  2. Interesting. Sounds like very friendly town halls. Ours are strictly business — and look ugly to boot.

    Love the long-tailed R.

  3. Rats Cellar .... doesn't sound like a very nice place to eat!

  4. I liked a lot this close photo! Beautiful wall!

  5. Muy buena, destaco las letras, segun tienen profundidad y segun relieve...un abrazo

  6. So, what does Rats keller translate into: rats' cellar? Or is it some guy;s name?

  7. I don't think there is a Ratskeller in Mainz - but since we have a really really ugly Rathaus ... nobody is going to miss the Ratskeller I suppose ...

  8. tres belle photo j'aime beaucoup :)

  9. I love seeing another part of the world through your eyes. Great post and images.
    Greetings from a fellow 365er.

  10. Thanks for the comments.

    Hilda: Germany has the odd ugly town hall, too, but, at least, they usually have the restaurant.

    Joan Elizabeth: I was in there, but there were no rats on the floor, nor on the menu. Perhaps, something got lost in translation.

    Petra Mafalda: Obrigado.

    Caçador: Yes, but rather quiet.

    Catarina: Gracias.

    EG Wow: Its not a guy's name, but I am not sure of the full etymology. It is obviously the same rat as in Rathaus (town hall), raten (to give advice) and Betriebsrat (works council).

    Martina: I would have guessed an old town like Mainz would certainly have a Ratskeller. It looks like your neighbours in Wiesbaden have one.

    Eric Larouche: Merci.

    Sandra: Thanks.