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Inner city living

Although English towns rarely have them, three to five story apartment buildings dating back to the end of the 1900s are a common feature in the centre of many European and North American cities. In Edinburgh or Glasgow, they would be called tenements. This photo is an attractive example of Saarbrücken's variation on this theme. It is in a fashionable area, a few metres away from the art gallery with the big metal tentacle.


  1. Que belleza de edificio, si asi esta por fuera, por entro ha de ser una verdadera obra arquitectonica.Un saludo grande

  2. They look very nice. I'm a sucker for the architecture.

  3. They are really pretty - I like especially the bay windows they have.
    Nice photo:)

  4. just like the old town of northern Jakarta (old Batavia), built by The Dutch at 16th century.
    The cars are parking neatly. That's might be the difference:)

  5. Very attactive, indeed! I like the sneaky view through the canopy of leaves.

  6. Those balconies are simply fabulous!

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    Sonia: Dentro, no sé. Toco a la puerta?

    Don and Krise: There are quite a few styles on the streets, here. Maybe, I will try to capture a some more.

    Greg: Thanks.

    joo: By coincidence, you seem to showing some photos of great old buildings in Torún these days.

    ical: And there is a beach nearby. Perhaps, Saabrücken is more like Jakarta that I thought.

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: Thanks.

    JM: Yes, todays buildings do not have such ornate style.

  8. Inclusion of the leaves makes this composition so very special! Nicely done!