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Corner turret

Another old city apartment building, a few blocks away from 2009-08-02. This one looks more solidly Teutonic.

When taking shots of the wonderful variety of buildings in this part of town, I encountered an issue that all photographers must come across: privacy. People live here and do not want to take, nor look like I am taking, shots of the interiors of people's homes. I wondered how others handled this issue.


  1. These buildings are lovely ... we have nothing like them around here. Can't see any problem with photographing exteriors but I understand interiors, unless it is the public areas, would be a problem.

  2. Hey, how's life? This is a nice structure and really nice shot!

  3. Beautiful architectural shot.

    I just ordered business cards to give to people curious (or possibly angry) about my photographing them, their dwelling, car, etc... I list all the usual info, and also my photo blog address. Hopefully, this will satisfy most peoples curiosity.

  4. Corner turrets are great and this one is a beauty. Very nice perspective!

  5. AB, teutonic??? There is a naked girl on the left and a naked boy on the right playing with vinegrapes .... I am not sure if this counts for teutonic ... 8-)

    RogerB, business cards are a good idea - AB once asked if I tell people my blog address - nevertheless I am very coy taking photos even of private yards or gardens ... often feeling like an intruder. And I am not sure how I would react if someone takes pictures of my windows ...

  6. Linda foto!
    Transmite grandeza...suprema!

    Beijo e obrigada pelo carinho

  7. Nice shot! Do you know when this house was erected? Could be Gründerzeit, but could also be an eclectic mix.

    Regarding privacy, I agree with Joan Elizabeth and I like the idea of RogerB very much.

  8. Thanks for the comments.

    Joan Elizabeth: From your blog, I gather you live in more rural setting, with farmhouses not city apartments.

    The trouble with many interesting house exteriors is that they have windows into the interiors.

    Kcalpesh: Life is fine. I hope it is over in Mumbai, too.

    RogerB: Yes, I have already got myself some Moo cards with photos from the blog for just this purpose. However, I still do not feel like knocking on doors to ask if it is OK to take a picture of the house.

    JM: Yes, every corner should have a turret!

    Martina: Can't Teutons be naked, too?

    Carmem: Obrigado eu também

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: I have no idea when this house was built. The other round about had some dates on them — usually around 1900. I will keep my eye out for a history of the city, which might give me a better idea when this district was developed.

  9. AB, perhaps I was thinking too much in the line of furor teutonicus, ;-)
    Nevertheless I am interested what makes architecture teutonic in a non-teutonic eye ...

  10. Martina: Well, I was thinking of the architecture in Metz when Kaiser Wilhelm tried to Germanise it — simple forms, round arches, little decoration and a generally solid look.

  11. The architects of old certainly knew how to build. Or rather, design. I can easily imagine a lady in Victorian clothing standing looking out the window across the river or view.

  12. AB, perhaps it's because Teutonic in German is pejorative for German ;-) ... Teutonic architecture, that would be the Schaumberg Turm in my opinion :-S - definitely no naked boys and girls :-D