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Old grey classic

I have put up photos of other old cars I have found on the streets of Saarbrücken, including several models from France and Britain. It is time I put up a photo of the all time German classic, the Volkswagen Beetle. Production of the Beetle stopped in Germany in 1978, and these days they are very rare sight, except in the kitschy “new” form. Indeed, the car in the photo actually has French number plates. I wonder if there are still plenty of Beetles in Mexico and Brazil where production was not phased out until 2003.


  1. I totally agree with you - the only okay vintage model nowadays is the Fiat500 - the vintage beetle is a shame. I am waiting for a vintage CV2 ... duuh.
    My SO's brother has a 1966 beetle waiting in the garage to be restored - but nobody in the family had the time so far.
    Very nice photo btw - I wonder what you would do with some other gear .... ;-)

  2. Nice...it could be one of my next collection list:)

  3. Fantastic old vintage car..This is so lovely..Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

  4. I like the "not so perfect" paint and the "Rat Rod" look. Great car, great photo. Good choice.

  5. uf!, excelente foto del recuerdo!

    Resolviendo tu duda, por lo menos en Mexico ya no los ves, desaparecieron los "vochos" asi se les llamaban =0) uno que otro de repente sale pero ya es muuuy raro.

    bonito finde

  6. Must be grey times back then! I like the classic design but the 'color' wouldn't be my first choice. Nice find, though.

  7. great photo of a great car, can't be compared with the new one!

  8. The beetle is one of my favourite. Love the colour,design and style!
    Have a nice weekend:)

  9. I drove a 1974 red VW beetle when I was in high school. Good times, good memories!

  10. Thanks for the comments.

    Martina: Oh yes, it would be interesing to see Citroën revamp the 2CV.

    ical: I guess the Mexican and Brazilian models are still easy to maintain, but parts for the older German models are impossible to find. To have one in your collection, you really have to be a fan.

    Unseen Rajasthan: I guess, when the Beetle was first built, it was similar in spirit to India's new Tata, the country's affordable entry into the world of the automobile.

    Don and Krise: I had to Google "Rat Rod", but now I am with you. In fact, I am now desperate to get a motor like this.

    Sonia: "Vocho", bonita palabra! Los aburridos coches de hoy en día ya ni tienen apodo.

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: I once owned a bright orange one. Perhaps, that would have been more your style.

    anaPaipita: Yes, the new version is a sad, kitschy imitation.

    joo: I can see opinions differ on the colour. Like it or not, it does stand out.

    RogerB: I drove a Beetle of a similar vintage, so old it had no petrol guage. Those were fun times.

  11. Bright orange? Are you kidding? That's a rocker!

  12. I love this colour! It makes the VW look so classy!

  13. We do see them occasionally around here but usually restored and looking very up market ... a long way from their humble beginning.

  14. Awesome vintage care, this one! :-)

  15. Ah, the old VW - what today is called a Beetle. Every time we see one (which is qite rare now) the kiddies say, "Punch buggy no return" and punch you (not hard) on the arm or leg.

    I had my first driving lesson in one of these - and didn't like it. It was too squasy, my legs were almost doubled and the driving instructer (it was a female) had the very worst case of halitosis ever!

  16. Joan Elizabeth: Here they have only recently made the transition from means of transport to expensive hobby.

    Kcalpesh: Yes, a classic.

    BlossomFlowerGirl: Yes, I think the kids do that punching thing here.