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Spiral ramp à la française

This is Sarreguemines' analogue to Saarbrücken's graffiti spiral — a pedestrian way down to the riverbank from a bridge across the Saar. I will leave it to blog readers to draw their own conclusions on how these reflect national or municipal character. The Sarreguemines version is crowned by an EU flag that is just out of shot and the bridge is the Pont de l'Europe.


  1. A long way to go down though it definitely more artistic than a usual straight way.
    I still can't figure out what its means to Germans character.
    Thanks for commenting and following my blog.


  2. I woulden't dare to dissccus national characters neither French nor Germans but this pedestrian way down looks much nicer:)

  3. It sort of looks unfinished to me. A mushroom canopy would have been a nice touch.

  4. Great capture!
    Obrigado pelo comentário em português! :-)

  5. Great photo !! This is lovely and great too !!Unseen Rajasthan

  6. Rather bigger than the spiral ramp I've featured on Hyde DP a few times but at least it is good for accessibility.

  7. I guess not everything in France is pretty but taste is relative.

  8. Whatever the purpose or reason, it is pleasing to the eye.

  9. Thanks for the comments.

    Ical: I thought it was a rather artistic way to go down, too.

    joo: That is very diplomatic.

    Joan Elizabeth: Another thumbs up to Sarregumines ramp builders!

    RogerB: It is capped with a long pole and a flag. The pole was too long to fit in the shot.

    JM: De nada. A foto com as duas sombrinhas e o mar era perfeita.

    Unseen Rajasthan: Thanks.

    Hyde DP: Yes, both pretty and wheel-chair friendly.

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: I guess that is a thumbs down for this ramp design. À chacun son goût.

    Don and Krise: The purpose is similar to the graffiti spiral. The bridge is heavily used by cars, but pedestrians can use the bridge and escape the spaghetti of roads via the ramp.

  10. It looks great. A but futuristic.