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Micro Venice on the Saar

This shot was taken much in the spirit of 2009-06-23, that is to say on a cycle path near the Franco-German border, where the border itself is not marked. It is only when the path crosses some houses that you have some indication which country you are in. These are some of the first houses directly on the path after leaving Saarbrücken. The brownish tones the houses are painted in are not so popular in Saarbrücken and this is, indeed, Sarreguemines in France. Would you have guessed it was France?


  1. I'm getting more in touch with the local building styles, but I still have trouble. Near us is Waldshut/Tiengen and I can sort of distinguish between the two sides of the river.

  2. Awesome composition! The cloud formation in the sky really adds to the beauty of the picture!

  3. I'd like to be on a barge going down that canal and taking a close look at the houses.

  4. Yes, I like the idea of the barge that JE mentions. But why is the water so brown? Have you had a lot of rain recently?

  5. Olá.
    Escrevo em português porque o meu inglês não é muito bom. Obrigado pelos comentários e pelo interesse. Cá virei ao teu blog sempre que possa.

  6. Julie, Saarbrücken is around 120 km away from where I live. And we are growing webbings (the things frogs have between their toes) in this summer ...

    AB, ah, just saw your favicon, very nice. Mine is seldom shown in ie - okay, i just changed browser, yours is not shown in ie either :-( .

    The photo reminds me of a diorama - waiting to see a toy train ... nice.

  7. Another great shot AB. I like the way the eye follows the river and the path to the houses.

  8. Thanks for the comments.

    Z: Ah yes, Villigen is close to a border, too. But Switzerland is not yet part of Schengenland. There must be border controls on the roads, but not, presumably, on the footpaths.

    Kcalpesh: Thanks. It was a particularly changeable sky that day.

    Joan Elizabeth: There are regular tourist boats from Saarbrücken to Sarreguemines, so these houses will have plenty of people taking a close look at them.

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: Yes, this is the Saar, or Sarre in French. 500 metres or so upstream there is a fork as the River Blies flows into the Saar.

    Julie: As Martina mentioned, it has indeed been rainy lately. However, the Saar is never that clear. The fish do not seem to mind — just out of shot were a couple of anglers.

    Objectiva.Mente: Olá, bem vindo. Gosto muito do teu blog. Vou conhecendo um pouce do Oporto.

    Martina: Oh dear, no mobile phone favicon in Internet Explorer! Which version does not show it? Version 6? I see your M for Martina in Firefox (3.5).

    DelBoy: Thanks.

  9. Thanks for your response. You had the answer to my question obviously in your headline. I must have over-read it. I thought the river Saar is much bigger.

  10. BA Photoblog: The Saar is not as big as its neighbours, the Moselle and the Rhine, but it is bigger than you see in this photo, as the houses on the left are on an island. You can see the situation in Google maps. To the other side of the island is a weir.