old crane, sky

Old blue crane

A crane whose legs straddle the towpath along the Saar. It obviously was able to unload boats. It looks like it has seen better days and I am not sure if it still works. Nearby there is plaque that explains that there used to be a power station here that was used during the 1950s. There is also a picture of the day in the 1990s when they detonated explosives and reduced the massive power station to rubble. I would have loved to have taken a photograph of that.


  1. More things going nowhere or doing nothing. Industrial shots are interesting.

  2. Imagine how boring photography would be if all of the old structures were removed. Rust is good.

  3. I love stuff like this. I'm really drawn to it. They're made to photograph.

  4. Although I believe the crane isn't a real tripod it reminded me on the TV series The Tripod or the movie War of the Worlds. I guess it's the perspective...

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  5. Strange structure, like huge iron spider:)

  6. Joan Elizabeth: At least this probably has done something useful sometime in the past.

    Greg: Why only one photo a day? To keep a clear, low limit on the amount of time it takes out the day — both for myself and my blog visitors. I think 95% of blogs are abandoned after a couple of months and most posts on Blogger do not have a single comment. If I felt, say, that I had to show you the Saarbrücker Schloss from all angles and give you its complete history, this enterprise would soon become unmanageable, and I doubt many visitors would read the whole text, anyway.

    Besides, saying something interesting with one 300x400 shot from a phone camera (and one paragraph of text) is an interesting challenge.

    RogerB: Yes, rust makes good photographs. However, I think I will have to go out of my way to shoot something modern and functioning, before you guys get totally the wrong impression of Saarbrücken.

    Don and Krise: Yes, I just had to slam my cycle brakes on and shoot it.

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: Not a real tripod? Well, it does have three legs, although they end with wheels and a rail track.

    joo: Perhaps, this is related to 2009-06-20?