Graffiti tower

This tower is to be found on the towpath along the Saar. It seemed so typical of Saarbrücken — a colourful, dilapidated building in the middle of idyllic green. I have no idea what it was used for. It is actually located near yesterday's bridge. Perhaps, it is the tower to nowhere.


  1. this is a nice observation deck to view where the traveler came from and where the traveler is going along the starry road to nowhere. ;)

  2. or the control tower for the imaginary runway adjacent to the bridge to nowhere?

  3. Amazing place with bridge to nowhere and tower to nowhere - I really feel like visiting Saarbrücken:)

  4. Dunno what's the use of the tower but I bet it is a hang-out place for kids and teen-aged townies. Bonjour tristesse! I like those shots somehow. Could you see if the door is broken open?

    Buenos Aires Photo

  5. The grafitti actually looks OK here.

  6. Nice picture. I think the tower is used to keep a watch on the high water of the Saar

  7. Los grafitis le dan un toque mágico, como de abandono. Genial el encuadre.


  8. I am with Joan Elizabeth (okay I am a street art afficionada (?)) - without the graffiti it would look depressing, wouldn't it? (And now I am not saying anything about a watchtower for the already well known SaarlandUFOs ... );-)

  9. Thanks for all the comments.

    Dusty Lens: I think you could be onto something. The surveillance society is everywhere these days, even in nowhere.

    RogerB: Ah yes ... UFOs, tentacles ... I think am beginning to piece it all together now.

    joo: Be careful, if you visit. You could end up in another galaxy.

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: Yes, it could be a good hang-out for teenagers. It looks like Arne, at least, had some painting fun. No, I did not dare enter such a dilapidated structure.

    Joan Elizabeth: I certainly would not have taken a photo if there had been no graffiti.

    wooki: Thanks, it is good to have input from someone with local knowledge, instead of just my fanciful guesses.

    Ángel Corrochano: Gracias. Si, los grafitis le dan un toque bonito. No sé si me he puesto demasiado patriota de Saarbrücken pero pienso que el nivel artístico dde los grafiteros aquí no está mal. Saludos desde Alemania.

    Martina: A street art aficionado — Saarbrücken is your kind of town!

  10. Lovely graffiti on that building! This once again is a very nice composition!