bridge, park, suspension

Asymmetric suspension

An elegant suspension bridge where the load carrying single pole is not in the middle, but to one side, giving the bridge a nice sweeping look. This bridge takes pedestrians to one of Sarreguemines pleasant park areas.

Sarreguemines (Saargmünd in German) is 18km from Saarbrücken, but the towns are connected by a modern tram, the Saarbahn. Often, when I try to talk to the people in French, they will notice I am not from there and answer, frustratingly for me, in fluent German.


  1. In Australia we don't get a lot of exposure to other languages so English is my only language despite learning French as school.

  2. Just keep talking in French. People will notice that you want to learn it. People can be very ignorant especially if they consider it polite.

  3. Nice bridge first of all. And I really admire your language ability - I can pronounce only few words in French and obviously everyone knows that it's not language I'm good at:)
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Joan Elizabeth, Buenos Aires Photoblog, Joo: My original remark was intended to say more about the people of Sarreguemines language abilities than mine. They are all fluent in German, although few Saarbrücker are fluent in French, and, unlike most other places I know, they try German on strangers, not English.

    JM: Obrigado.

  5. I like this bridge. The red pole at the end makes it look interesting.

  6. Don and Krise: Those cables made me take it.

    BlossomFlowerGirl: Here is another photo that shows you how the bridge is constructed. It is quite clever. They did not have to drive a pile into the river.

  7. Thanks AB - the mystery of the red pole de"demystified"