garden, glass squares

Jardin publique

To be found at the end of the bridge. I thought the blue glass squares were novel, an instance of French flair.


  1. coucou...j'aime beaucoup la composition de cette photo...les carreaux bleu sont comme des petits morceaux de ciel au milieu des plantes...c'est tres joli....
    bon dimanche...

  2. Very interesting - not that I understand the purpose of the glass squares: embellishment? stepping stones? Some kind of modular beds? They look really nice.

  3. I like the glass squares too. It's fun with landscape gardening is a little unpredicable.

  4. Sieht schön aus mit den blauen Glasflächen.

  5. What a lovely place this must be!

  6. Looks like succulents and grasses. Love all the different colors and textures going on here.

  7. Very interesting garden. Like the blue accentuation. The plant on the left side looks like a jade plant. Wonderful habit!

  8. It looks like a grand pond in the rear garden of a country estate. I love the blue glass gives it a lovely setting.

  9. I've never seen garden like that here. Nice one!

  10. Thanks for all the comments. I should, perhaps, have pointed out that the same clour of blue was used for fixtures throughout the little garden — for the benches, fences and gates. It was quite eye-catching. Walking by, I just had to stop and take a closer look.

    clo: C'est vrai, c'est comme le ciel. Les reflections du ciel exagère cette impression.

    Martina: I think it is pure embellishment.

    Joan Elizabeth: Yes, the glass squares were new to me. However, I am not a real garden aficionado and was wondering if they might be as clichéd as garden gnomes. From the comments here, I see they were new to others.

    Cerstin: Der Garten war insgesamt schön. Er befindet sich neben dem Saargemünder Casino am Ende der Fußgängerbrücke.

    JM: Sim, e lindo!

    Don and Krise: My garden knowledge is limited, but the purplish plants certainly look succulent.

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: I liked the blue, too.

    BlossomFlowerGirl: To some extent, that is what it looks like. It is close to a grand house that is now a casino and restaurant. It could have started life as the private gardens of that house.

    ical: Thanks. I wonder what style of gardens you have over in Indonesia.