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Encouraging the inevitable

A table in an unattended area outdoors. The kids are going to write their names on it anyway. Why not let them write their names on it from the start?


  1. Se deberían hacer mobiliario urbano donde la gente pudiera plasmar sus ilusiones. Muy buena idea. Me está gustando esta serie sobre arquitectura urbana, tan especial, descubriendo los rincones más escondidos.

    Un abrazo

  2. Thank you for visiting.....interesting places ...

  3. mmm ... not sure ... I can see the point ... just not sure that either add anything to my pleasure in the environment, built or otherwise.

  4. I like it, then again I am quite happy to find on my bush walks the names of people scratched into rocks 50 or 60 years ago.

  5. Looks interesting, maybe it's a good idea. But do you think it prevent them from 'graffiti' painting?
    have a nice week:)

  6. Wow, very progressive concept! It reminds me of a cat scratcher. What's working for cats will probably work for humans as well. We all know there's no 100% solution, though.

  7. This is great. Let the kids actually feel like they're a part of it.

  8. Que material é esse que pode tão facilmente ser esculpido?

  9. Thanks for the comments.

    Ángel Corrochano: Gracias, espero que lo pases bien en el hielo. Seguro que pillerás fotos buenas.

    Dumitrescu Victor: Mulţumesc.

    Julie: So I guess you will not be inscribing "Julie" on the table.

    Joan Elizabeth: Maybe, you will be inscribing "Joan Elizabeth" in the table, for others to find in 50 years.

    joo: I suspect it is good practice for graffiti painting.

    Ackworth: I am not sure. I think we should ask Dennis.

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: So, do the cat scratchers work? I am not sure there were any social engineering plans at work here. Maybe, they just thought they would let the kids have fun with what would be an otherwise boring table.

    Don and Krise: I am sure the kids had fun.

    JM: A verdade é que não sei que material é.