cinema, steel works, water tower

Water tower

Originally built in 1936 to hold cooling water for the steel works, now a restaurant and cinema complex.

The tower has a web page with photos of the interior: http://www.wasserturm-nk.de/wasserturm/.


  1. Neunkirchen...Hmm...
    I live here some months, lovely town. I see this, but I never was inside. My dear friend (who was from here, He's gone:(, )told me was the first experience to germans try to build a space ship:-)))
    Have a nice day.

  2. What in interesting shape. We have a Chinese Restaurant in a old water tank here but is is a cement tank that is flat on the ground.

  3. The interesting shape adds to the restaurant. I'm glad it is being recycled.

  4. it can be a mosque tower over here regarding its shape.

  5. They finally landed in Saarland? 8-)

  6. This water tower is totaly different than water towers here in Silesia. I like the idea of using them for entertaining.

  7. I laf laud this evening :-))

    Bamsemums ; read...; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bamsemums

  8. Seeking new uses for old buildings is not always easy. Leisure facilities, however, are always a good choice.

  9. Thanks for the comments.

    webruci: I have not been inside, either. But now I have discovered it, maybe I will go to see a film some time – in my space suit.

    Unseen Rajasthan: Thanks.

    Joan Elizabeth: The shape is, indeed, interesting. It is much photographed.

    Your EG Tour Guide: Waste not, want not.

    ical: A mosque! Maybe, if the cinema does not work out, they can repurpose it.

    Martina: Obviously, the Lyoner sausages have become intergalactically famous.

    joo: I have not seen anything else like this here. I think it only ever supplied water to the steel works.

    Anne: Yes, I read about the chocolates and the edible tourists, but I still have not worked out what either have to do with fish tails.

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: I am not sure, however, that Hooters was the best choice.