football dummies

Football dummies

These guys were watching the long shadows on the football pitch with me. I think they liked it, too, but they were not saying very much.


  1. Hi my friend...
    The conposition of colours is perfect!
    I love colours like this. Your "photo eye" is a gift, how to find the right frams.

    If this guys start to talking....who knows:-)))

  2. I wonder if they support the same team.

  3. Thank you for your visit .-) allways pleasent with som new watchers!!! And what a blog you have..., woWW!! I like what I see :-))

  4. Hm, at first I thought of one of these boards we used to have our breakfast on some decades ago (don't know if this is known in other countries as well: Frühstücksbrett, so ...) then I was wondering about the holes, they look like bullet holes ... strange guys.

    I like the nettles in the foreground btw - very nice composition (on your knees again?) :-)

  5. I don't know why but for me they look a bit like from Kafka's novels!

  6. Parecen nacidos de las hiervas .... me recuerdan aquella película de serie B, "la invasión de los ultracuerpos", creo recordar ... Vigilantes, a la espera
    Curiosos objetos te encuentras

    un abrazo

  7. They do appear to be the quiet type. ;-)

  8. pintemosle en el centro un target y jugamos a los dardo, va!?


  9. Thanks for the comments.

    webruci: Thanks. You are right: if they had started talking, I would have had a bit of a surprise.

    Joan Elizabeth: Same team? The Wooden Wanderers, perhaps?

    Anne: Thanks. I do not understand a word on your blog, but you have some fine pictures.

    Don and Krise: Wooden, almost?

    Martina: Yes, they do look bullet-riddled. On my knees? Crouching, Martina, crouching.

    joo: Well, I thought they looked a bit like gingerbread men.

    Ángel Corrochano: No conozco la pelicula pero, si, parecen vigilantes a la espera.

    Your EG Tour Guide: Perhaps due to the lack of mouth?

    Sonia. Si, dardos - mi juego nacional!

  10. The left one looks like he lost a part of his parietal bone. Maybe he just can't find the right words anymore and his friend is keeping quiet out of sympathy. (;