plastic cow, red brick, restaurant

Slaughterhouse Brasserie

There are not many redbrick houses in Saarbrücken. So, this restaurant reminds me a bit of England. Except, however, that the English seem to have vegetarian tendencies and they would not usually name a restaurant so bluntly as "Slaughterhouse", nor have models of the animals on display whose flesh you are about to consume.


  1. I feel not to have with more frequency your blog, pardons to me. There are lost your last and wonderful images. This last one of the cow in the garden is fantastic. He is really peculiar and I agree and so you comment. Rare things are seen in the most normal places.

    Warm greetings

  2. Eat steak almost looking at the cow's eyes seems to be a bit bizzare idea!
    Nice photo anyway.

  3. But ... if I am right ... that is a Fresian ... the best (quantity) milk giver in the world ... and the model would appear to have female parts ... surely this is not a steak provider ... I think I would prefer a hereford or an angus ...

  4. I can appreciate the honesty of the name "Slaughterhouse". If I'm looking to eat a slab of grilled meat, this would be the place that I'd go to. Great pic.

  5. Pretty soon other cows will be out front protesting with signs.

  6. Don and Krise, lol, I do hope this!
    Martina the Vegetarian ...

  7. Thanks for all the comments.

    Ángel Corrochano: Always good to see you. I thought it was a mighty fine cow, too.

    joo: I guess you can always look away, or order pork.

    Julie: Ah... so you are not actually eating the cow before you, just its mate.

    RogerB: It is actually a good restaurant, so you would have picked the right place.

    Martina: Julie is always right ─ except when it comes to Nothern English geography.

    Don and Krise: There do not seem to be that many cows around Saarbrücken. I think some helpful humans would have to bus them in.

    Martina: I guess “Schlachthof” is probably not your kind of restaurant.

  8. Once again nicely composed. I'm so tempted to use the N95 more often now that I've seen the photos clicked by you....

  9. AB, I do not know nothing about Julie's and your dispute about Northern England :-D - I never came farther north than Norfolk Broads ...

    And oh, I am not that picky, as long as they have some nice salad and vegetables ... and I am still giggling over Don and Krise's idea of a cow-demo :-D

  10. A lovely prey for the dear hunter. The cow, od corse.


  11. Martina: Then some of the best of England still awaits you. I assume you have not been to Scotland, either. You should definitely add that to your “must visit” list.

    Caçador: But I think this prey is too easy. There are deer and wild boar (javali) in the woods in Saarbrücken. I will try to capture them photographically for you.

  12. AB, Scotland is on my list for decades - somehow I couldn't manage so far ...