adam and eve, advertising, seduction

Quality seduces

Advertising for a fruit and vegetable wholesaler. By the way, you may have to click for the larger version of the photo to see the apple the woman is offering.


  1. That's some advertising. Someone is pretty creative.

  2. Creative in all but the stance of the couple. They look like conjoined twins!

  3. Interesting - allusion to paradise?
    Or maybe Paradise Lost?

  4. Lol - funny advertising, yes. But the b/w photos of the fruits are not bad, too

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Don and Krise: Creative, and with its combination of sex and religious themes a bit risqué. I think you would not see something like this in a more widespread advertising campaign.

    Julie: I think the bodies are a bit distorted as they are desperately trying to avoid full-frontal nudity.

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: Yeah, healthiness seduces!

    joo: Paradise lost for the sake of a juicy red apple. A good bargain?

    JM: Thanks, I liked the combination of greens and greys.

    Martina: I knew you would go for black and white.