flower, schattenblume, woods

Shades of green with white speckles

One of the myriad of flowers that line the footpaths in the woods these days.

Having failed to identify the common cornflower, I subsequently invested in a nature guide and can tell you with absolute certainty that the species pictured above is Maianthemum bifolium or some white flower or other. Maianthemum bifolium is called disparagingly False lily of the valley in English, or more appropriately Schattenblume (shade flower) in German.


  1. Lovely picture considering it is shot by N95. Nicely composed. I use N95 sometimes when I'm not carrying a camera and have to click a quick snap!

  2. Kcalpesh: That is probably the best use of a phone camera. Even a goodish one like the N95 has its limitations. So, you will still want to use a dedicated camera for your most professional shots.

    However, sometimes working with limitations is good. By sticking to my phone camera, I am reduced to the essentials: find something interesting to photograph, find a good angle and snap. If I ever manage to get that much right, then I can concentrate on choosing f-stops, lenses, filters etc.

    The other reason for sticking to a schedule of a daily photo from my phone was motivational. I always have my phone with me and I always want to have something interesting for the blog. So, I always have an eye out for a photo — not just on the days I have chosen to lug a big camera with me.

  3. Interesting plant! I really like its botanical name. Rather large leaves for such small, delicate blossoms.

    Buenos Aires Photo

  4. Buenos Aires Photoblog: bifolium - only two leaves, that is why they have to be big, I guess.