altstadt-fest, crowd, street-stalls

Summer in the city

All cities organise events in the summer and Saarbrücken is no slouch here. Every weekend, some part of the city will be having its Fest. Last weekend was the turn of the Altstadt, the old, renovated, street-café area. It has the usual mix of music, handicraft stalls, beer and sausages.


  1. No hay nada como los mercadillos y ferias veraniegas. Todo un mundo de posibilidades. Bien captado el ambiente.


  2. I like summer in the city with all those small events - life seems to slow down a bit, people are more relaxed and nicer to each other.
    Nice summer post:)

  3. Enjoy the summer and these ferias! "Soon" there is winter in Saarbrücken and we will have the summer on our side of the hemisphere. (;

    Buenos Aires Photo

  4. Very nice pictures too. Thanks for your comment on my blog.

    It´s nice to see my hometown in such a different view!

  5. J'aime beaucoup la perspective dans cette photo et surtout cette distance. La foule des gens et le Fest sont vus par un temoin et non pas participant. Entre l'absence et la presence, le noir et les couleurs, l'oeil d'un temoin et la folue eloignee - tout se joue ici.
    Ca me plait :)

  6. Please, don't cross the line...

  7. Yes, enjoy the sunshine while you can. It was 1C this morning in Mooroolbark, but the days are getting longer.

    I love the way the lines draw you into the Fest.

  8. Thanks for the comments.

    Ángel Corrochano: Si, me ecantan las ferias de verano, especialmente las de los pueblos pequeños donde cultivan las uvas para el vino. Un saludo desde Alemania.

    joo: Yes, people are different when they are in a summer holiday mood.

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: The Christmas markets with their mulled wine are just as good. I have no fear of winter and snow. I like that too.

    wooki: Great to see you pass by my blog. Your blog has some great hiking photos. It makes me want to put my walking boots on.

    Ada: Merci, mais il faut confesser que la perspective est aussi à cause de mon intention d'eviter photographier le visage d'une personne sans permission.

    Caçador: In the Alstadt Fest everything is permitted.

    DelBoy: It might get a tad cold in winter but I think you Australians can hardly complain about the lack of sun! Or my illusions about Australia will be shattered.

  9. Summers are much too short but filled with fun festivities. However, my favorite is Oktoberfest in autumn.

  10. Dusty Lens: There are quite a few regional differences in Germany. In the summer and autumn months, the villages in the wine-growing areas in the local region are wonderful. Great wine, great food, greet atmosphere.