guitar, altstadt-fest

Altstadt Fest

The spirit of Jimi Hendrix lives on! Guitar burning seems to back in fashion. Guitar makers around the world will be celebrating extra sales.


  1. That signboard looks huge. Nice shot.

  2. first impression: i thought there is a sign in the sky. then i noticed what it really is :)
    very nice shot

  3. The guitar 'on the sky' creates really interesting image! Looks as it's going to be cool Fest.
    Have a nice week:)

  4. While I might think it is crazy then too I suppose some people would get upset at some of the photos I delete.

  5. I enjoyed his music, but never understood burning the guitar.

  6. Nice shot! It seems that Saarbrücken will have some kind of a Jimi Hendrix experience. Have fun.

  7. Those kind of signs are almost a kind of street art in the proper places and this one you catch are splendid for a music fest! Saludos de Mexico, tu español tambien es magnifico.

  8. Thanks for the comments.

    Don and Krise: It looks huge and it was huge.

    Dominik Kulik, joo: Yes, the sky effect is what made me post this. It is actually more striking in the photo than as I recall seeing it with the naked eye.

    Abe Lincoln: I am happy to see any of the photos you choose to put up. I really liked the bluebottle.

    Dusty Lens: Artists, who can understand them!

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: Sadly, Jimi Hendrix did not turn up and, when I was there, I saw no guitar burning. Despite that, everybody seemed in a merry mood.

    Carraol: Gracias, tu inglés es aún más magnífico.

  9. Todo un acontecimiento. Qué cartel tan impresionante, con esas guitarra llameante- Bien captado y bien fotografiado


  10. It is a good image to portray cool music although I personally would not put Hendrix in this category. I am amazed that they would go to this structural effort for a street fair.

    I like the imagination and design that has gone into it, though.

  11. Ángel: Muchas gracias.

    Julie: All the festivals here are backed up with a good campaign of posters, flyers and adverts. If you are going to throw a party, might as well make it a good one.