coal mine

Pit props

Much of this blog is devoted to the abundant forests in Saarland and Lorraine. This is why many of the forests are there.


  1. Is this a historic mine. Surely they are not propping up pits with wood today?

  2. I like a lot the angle in this picture, I'm a kind of dizzy! :)
    Very interesting subject this mine!

  3. Fascinating. Your blog has become a learning experience to me. :)

  4. interesting, i have so much to learn about forest and stuffs. i like how it looks upclose.
    and i can say, you really are fond of trees. ^0^

  5. Impressive! Scary at the same time... as I am now thinking of all those miners stuck 700m below the surface somewhere in Chile!

  6. Cuantas talas de árboles se necesitan para construir una sola galeria de una mina? Mejor no pensarlo! Un abrazo!

  7. If I had not read your introductory note, I would not have believed that the pictures in this blog are produced from mobile phones. Their quality and compositions are beautiful. What are these? Stilts?

    Thanks for following my blog. I'm following yours too. Looking forward to more interesting shots from your cell phones.


  8. Eventually I know what happens to the forests:)

  9. curiosa, interesante el poder visitar una...un abrazo

  10. Thanks for the comments.

    Joan Elizabeth: This is just a reconstruction in a museum. There was an audio-visual exhibit that showed how they moved from wood, to rigid steel, to hydraulics and then to some machine that automatically inches forward.

    Cezar and Léia: Obrigado.

    Sandra: Gracias.

    arabesque: Thanks. Be sure there will be more trees and wood to come.

    JM: Yes, things have got better over time and the miners no longer have to physically hew the coal, but still the life seems tough: dirty, noisy, badly-lit and dangerous.

    Elena: Lo bueno para esta zona es que se ha quedado con muchos bosques.

    Eki: Thanks. This shot is of the wooden “props” that are used to keep the mine shafts from collapsing.

    joo: You have such forests for the mines in Silesia?

    Catarina: En realidad es un museo en el terreno de una antigua mina. Lo gracioso es que bajas en un ascensor y parece que estás bajando mucho. En realidad supongo que casi no bajas nada.

  11. fascinating... never been inside one of those strange places...

    thanks for your comment too