coal mine,

Black gold


  1. What human drama in Chile! Amazing ongoing story.

  2. It's so interesting, I have never visited a mine.
    Beautiful capture!
    Léia :)

  3. Mechanical stuff, I always like, Interesting lighting here.

  4. Oro negro del que seguimos dependiendo,esperemos que las energias alternativas lo destronen. Me gustan los contrastes de la imagen. Un abrazo y gracias por tus visitas!

  5. que buen colorido, me gusta la imagen, un abrazo

  6. Ilving all my life in Silesia I've never visited any mine! Will have to change it!
    Superb photo AB.

  7. Hey body, like this one! The wockys and this red light is quit great!!!


  8. Great colors in that image. Is it a working mine?

  9. Thanks for the comments.

    Birdman: Chile?

    Cezar and Léia: Well, this old mine is not so far away from you. It is la musée du carreau Wendel, in Petite Rosselle near Forbach. You get a good feel for what it was like to work in the mines.

    Joan Elizabeth: There was plenty of mechanical stuff in this mine.

    Elena: Este carbón ya está destronado. Ya no trabajan en esta mina. A ver si podemos vivir con solamente viento y sol.

    Catarina: Gracias.

    wooki: Danke. Warst du schon da? Die haben sich bei der Austellung wirklich Mühe gemacht.

    joo: Get you helmet and your lamp and go for it!

    Petra Mafalda: Obrigado. I am not sure what a wocky is but it is a great word. If it is not an English word, it should be!

    Sandra: The mine closed in 1986. Now there is an amazing museum housed in bright red, tilted chocolate boxes.

  10. @AB: nein habs bisher noch nicht geschafft. Interessiert mich aber auch noch :-)

  11. My first visit to your blog and this is a very cool image and I love how the artificial light sources make the colours stand out.

    I love "The Rules" too :-)

  12. Birdman: I eventually looked up the Chile story. Amazing, indeed. I hope they all get out safely. It looks like they have another three or four months underground.