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Tarantula trees and giant bird cage


  1. I can understand why the tree was named such! Does it look like that all year round?

  2. I though tarantula's were a spider! Eeek, I don't think I could like trees with that name.

  3. Oh I didn't know the tree name, thanks a lot! This is very interesting and I liked a lot this perspective!

  4. Hilda, Joan Elizabeth, Cezar and Léia: I should point out that the name tarantula tree is my own invention. I have no idea what they are really called in French or any other language.

  5. AB, the name fits. I like the perspective of the photo.

  6. haha, great description, always a nice angle.
    but, why an empty birdcage on the middle? as an art piece?

  7. ouvrez ouvrez la cage aux oiseaux ;O)



  8. Tarantula tree - intersting name AB:)
    What about the huge cage? Are there any birds kept there?

  9. He estado un poco ausente en visitas, te pido disculpas.
    Me gusta la perspectiva de esta toma, la cerca y los árboles parecen no tener fin, se pierden en el infinito

    Un abrazo

  10. Wann geht denn das großes Krabbeln los? :)
    Ein schöner Blickwinkel. Die Häuserfront ist sehr dezent im Bildhintergrund. Wie immer, ein sehr gelungenes Foto.

  11. And a whole row of them too. Great photo.

  12. Ah, in your "word inventing" mood - I like that.

    The picture i.e. the combination of motifs is very surreal - like in a childrens' fantasy novel. Emphasised by your tarantula trees ...

  13. I'm curious about the giant bird cage!

  14. Thanks for the comments.

    Hilda: I am sure it looks different in the summer. Although I am not sure exactly what it looks like then. I guess I will have to go back.

    Luis Gomez: Gracias.

    arabesque: Why the empty bird cage? It is near metal flowers. Perhaps, it used o hold a giant metallic bird that has now flown away.

    Nefertiti,deesse NiLuNoah adoratrice d Aton: Elle est déjà ouverte. L'oiseau s'en est allé.

    joo: I did not see a bird. Perhaps, it is indoors for the winter?

    Ángel: Gracias.

    Frau G: Danke. Ich hoffe ich bin nicht da, wenn das Tarantula-Krabbeln los geht!

    Don and Krise: Thanks.

    Martina: The whole effect is rather surreal. Did you notice the metal flowers.

    Your EG Tour Guide: I think the truth is rather mundand. It is decoration like the metal flowers next to it.