Hairy house


  1. Me gusta la perspectiva y esas ramas recorriendo la pared, formando un conjunto natural y hermoso. Buenas fotografías las últimas que has ido subiendo, transmiten sensaciones y frío intenso.
    un abrazo y feliz año nuevo

  2. Hairy house - nice and funny description ;-)
    I imagine how it must look pretty in spring and summer, when the hair will be green ;-)

  3. To me there is always an air of mystery and aged opulence in vine covered houses.

  4. I think they are gorgeous green or brown but I do worry about the oisture that they suck out of the mortar and what that must do to the stability of any structure.

  5. realço os ramos nas paredes, imagino como serão belos na Primavera, excelente perspectiva, parabéns

  6. Hairy, indeed! I like the look of creeping vines, especially on someone else's house.

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  8. indeed "hairy", but i do love the withered vines.
    it looks vintage not something i see here everyday. ^0^

  9. gekonnt an der Wand festgewachsen.

  10. Fascinating façade, I loved it! I bet it will be all green in spring!Really beautiful!

  11. What a mysterious place! Must be beautiful in summer!

  12. Love your title...it made me laugh! It does look a bit hairy!

  13. Funny title, made me grin. I really like your approach with perspective - I should try this myself instead of making "frontal" (?) photos.

  14. :) Funny. I would recommend a shave but I know that the vines probably look beautiful in summer, so better not.

  15. Lovely old building - love the arch. Plants growing on buildings look nice, alas they don't do much good for the building.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  16. impresionante!!!!

  17. Thanks for the comments.

    Ángel Corrochano: Gracias. Frío si hace!

    frankdejol: Thanks. I guess I will have to go back in a few months to see the green hair.

    Joan Elizabeth: That is the impression you get here, too. It is in an elegant old part of town.

    Julie: You must be right that they are bad for building.

    Hellag: Obrigado.

    RogerB: Thanks.

    arabesque: It is a very old part of town.

    Frau G: Ja, da scheint eine gewisse Kunst dahinten zu stecken.

    Cezar and Léia: Obrigado.

    joo: I am sure it will be beautiful in summer, too. But in winter the colours of the branches seem tomatch the doors!

    Stine in Ontario: Thanks.

    Martina: I thought the perspective highlighted the nice arch, but, also it meant I was not directly photographing into people's windows, which I do not like to do.

    Andreea: Shave! After all the hard work getting them to grow like that!

    BlossomFlowerGirl: The building must have been there for more than a century, so it must be pretty robust.

    Sonia. Gracias.

  18. Yo quiero una casa con esa enredadera!! me parece que me tengo que conseguir un celular como el tuyo, porque el mio saca unas fotos muy malas!!! :)