Wintry promenade


  1. The echo of the curve is just perfect.

  2. Wonderful place and very romantic scenery!I can prepare some beautiful songs from my ipod to go there with my soul and my thoughts!
    Amazing angle in this shot!

  3. Just a small amount of snow - we are longing for ours to subside to this manageable level

  4. Eine sehr schöne Baumallee. Nach einem Spaziergang dort dann bitte einen heißen Tee.

  5. Beautiful line of trees, but where's snow?

  6. Wow! Someone very carefully planted those threes to match the curve in the path. I bet they measured the distance for each and every tree!

  7. Beautiful shot, I like the perspective. And again, the beautiful subdued colors ...

  8. Thanks for the comments.

    Don and Krise: Thanks.

    Julie: Thanks.

    Cezar and Léia: Well, if you ever make the trip from Luxembourd to Saarbrücken, I can thoroughly recommned a walk along the Saar.

    frankdejol: Thanks.

    Luis Gomez: Gracias.

    Gerald (Hyde DP): Snow has come here in fits in the last couple of weeks but England seems to have even more snow. Usually, it is the other way around.

    amatamari©: Gracias.

    Frau G: Ja, ein heißer Tee wäre sehr passend.

    Joan Elizabeth: Thanks.

    joo: You want more snow? I think you will have to bring it over from Poland.

    Chin: Thanks.

    Stine in Ontario: I am sure they did measure it carefully and have pruned the trees carefully since.

    Andreea: Mulţumesc.