logs, fence


A fence in front of the dog club (2009-12-17). The middle log was presumably once parallel to the ground, but is now visibly losing the battle against gravity.


  1. Very interesting, a natural fence!
    Beautiful day there , it is an invite for a promenade in this peaceful scenery!

  2. hey it's me again ;) i thought you are in Philippines? it's snowing here now but not that bad like in the Süd ;)

  3. oooopps! falsch! Pardon'! i thought i was still in Mabuhay philippines' site ;)

    hallöchen! von Wolfenbüttel!

  4. Yes the fence does appear to be sagging!

  5. ..great picture! ..very original fence..:)

  6. Strange fence indeed - looks rather like rope!
    Nice weekend to you:)

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    Cezar and Léia: When the sun came out it was beautiful, but it was only a couple of degrees above zero and drizzling most of the time.

    maricar: I wish I was in Philippines, especially when I see the exotic things in blogs from there. Ein Hallöchen vom schneebedeckten Saarbrücken.

    Your EG Tour Guide: And not just a little.

    AnSa: With the years, it has become even more original.

    joo: With the bend, it does look rather pliable, but I did not try to tie any knots with it.

    Julie: The sagging seems to lend it a certain charm.

  8. Hi AB, I'm back from my holiday and answered one of your questions in todays post at SW. Now for the joy of working my way up through you always interesting photos ... I love old fences so this one really draws me in.