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At first, I only saw a green lawn, and wondered for what sport it was used. There were no markings on the lawn and no goals. Perhaps, it was no longer used? But the floodlights were new. And then I walked up the hill and saw this sign: Club for German Shepherd Dogs.

P.S. A note for British readers: German shepherd dogs are what we rebranded as Alsatians after World War I.

Update: I managed to find the club's web page (SV OG Kleinblittersdorf) with more photos of the site (Gelände) and of the dogs (Hunde).


  1. The breed is known by the both names in Australia too.

  2. Very interesting!I liked a lot this scenery, looks like a beautiful park!

  3. Pretty landscape, too bad if you're a dalmatian :)

    German Shepherds are very popular in Romania, I see many of them even in Bucharest where people prefer smaller dogs (because of the lack of space in the city).

  4. What about Labradors,Duchshands or, sorry, Monglers?
    Do they have their clubs too?

  5. nice scenery... a real dog club?! they must be really posh! ^0^

  6. Una suerte contar con esas instalaciones para el entrenamiento de perros. Y es que andas por unos sitios;-) !!!.

    Un abrazo

  7. I don't see as many German Shepherds as I used to 20 or 30 years ago. Glad they have their own club there.

  8. So etwas findet man vielleicht nur in Deutschland.
    Solch ein Gelände muss doch von allen Hunden genutzt werden (ist ja hoffentlich auch so?).

  9. ...por aquí esta todo nevado, y veo que por tu zona también debe de hacer bastante frío, aún que en la foto no se vea la nieve.
    Un saludo.

  10. • con la mirada atenta...

    A very curious explanation

    • saludos
    CR & LMA

  11. Thanks for the comments.

    Julie: I notice that in the initial attempt at rebranding they used the name "Alsatian Wolf Dog" but later dropped the wolf moniker, although it does seem to me to be very apt.

    Cezar and Léia: Obrigado.

    Andreea: I have not seen the whole of the village of Kleinblittersdorf. Perhaps, the Dalmatians have an even better club. said...

    In England, Alsatians are the typical police dog.

    joo: I have added some links to the club's web page. I am no expert on dog breeding but some of the animals there do not seem to be Alsatians.

    arabesque: I must admit I never saw any dogs, but it did seem pretty real.

    Ángel Corrochano: Nunca sé lo que voy a encontrar en mis paseos.

    JM: I wonder what dog is popular in Portugal at the moment.

    Frau G: Ich habe so was nur in Kleinblittersdorf gesehen. Ich glaube die lassen auch andere Hunderassen rein.

    Fernando Gonzalez Seral: La verdad es que estas fotos no son de las más actuales. En Saarbrücken nevó el día 13 y desde entonces no se ha ido.

    Ñoco Le Bolo: Espero que la explicación tuvo sentido.