terraces, alte schmelz,

Terraced housing

Some of the of the oldest houses for workers in the old ironworks have been tastefully renovated and painted yellow. These, on the other hand, are still looking rather grey and industrial.


  1. ..great picture! ..very nice shot ..;)

  2. Genial esta foto, desde luego parece una fachada de un barrio obrero e industrial. Me gusta la perspectiva y el color casi desaturado

    un abrazo

  3. Ja, ein wenig Farbe würde die Häuserfassade beleben (vielleicht auch die Bewohner). Schöne Perspektive (ich freue mich, diese Seite entdeckt zu haben.) :)

  4. Almost all cities have this industrial area, but it has its charming as well!
    I liked a lot this picture,they could do some restoration as well and these houses would be fabulous!

  5. Yes I was thinking that ... very drab ... looks cold.

  6. funny - I drove past that building today and I thought that building looks like houses in old movies. Very nice

  7. beautiful shades of grey however

  8. Age and weather add character to these photos...although I'm sure the people who live here would prefer to have them painted. Neat photo!

  9. There is this lilac hue - I like it.

  10. Thanks for the comments.

    AnSa: Dziękuję.

    Ángel Corrochano: Gracias.

    Frau G: Farbe wäre vielleicht nicht schlecht. Ich hoffe aber, dass die Maler den alten Charakter behalten würden.

    Cezar and Léia: Yes, I find it does have a charm of its own.

    Joan Elizabeth: Apart from the accumulated grime, the worst aspect of this terrace is actually that it is on a main road.

    wooki: Yes, I think none of the non-Saarland viewers would realise how eye-catchingly different this terrace is with its ancient wooden blinds and touches of red sandstone. It does look like it is from an old film.

    donnie: I am a fan of your Hebridean greys, too.

    Stine in Ontario: Not least, because every other building in the neighbourhood is being thoroughly renovated.

    Martina: Yes, there are some reddish tones from the grimy sandstone.

  11. I actually like the colors (what can you expect, it's my Eastern European soul talking), I think it looks rather romantic.