alte schmelz, windows

Rusting windows

All the photos over the last few days labelled alte Schmelz are from an old ironworks in the town of Sankt Ingbert. The works date back to the beginning of the eighteenth century and represent some of the oldest industrial monuments in Germany.

Both the rusting windows and the slate clad wall belong to the Herrenhaus, the house of the Kraemer family who owned the ironworks. It was constructed at the beginning of the nineteenth century (larger view) and is located directly opposite the workers' houses.

Part of the site is still in industrial use as a cable factory. The rest consists of trendy new offices, beautifully renovated workers' housing, and a large concert and exhibition building – where I once saw the electro-tango group Gotan Project.


  1. Wonderful perspective my friend, you did a great job with this composition!
    The lines also are harmonious and beautiful!

  2. I like the fancy bars, though I always feel a little sad that windows need bars. I like a window that I can stick my head out and say welcome to the sunshine, wind or rain outside ... won't even have fly screens on mine because of that.

  3. I like them even if they are a bit rusting. Nice photo.

  4. Wunderschön diese Fenstergitter. Tolle Aufnahme!

  5. I can understand JE's attachment to being able to stick one's head out of a window. In Sydney, insurance is hard to come by unless windows have some sort of protection.

    I like the shape of the grills in this photo - although the perspective is making me list to the right after just three!!

    Love the larger shot of the house. Ticks lots of boxes for me!

  6. Beautiful shot! I like the repetition theme, as usual.

  7. Thanks for the comments.

    Cezar and Léia: Obrigado.

    Joan Elizabeth: The bars are probably just a style thing, but it makes you wonder if the relations between the owner and the workers who lived across the street might at times have been so tense that the bars were necessary for personal safety.

    joo: The house will surely be renovated soon. Then the rust will go. And maybe the bars, too.

    Frau G: Danke.

    JM: Obrigado.