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So long Ronald


  1. McDonald?

    I don't believe they have pulled up and moved out of town!

  2. Thanks for the clue ... I would not have picked it for Ronald without it ... but then I'm not a fan of his food.

  3. There was really was a ronald statue there? or some creative person scraped the paint making a ronald mcdonald figure. either way, cool subject for a photo.

  4. I don't know whou is Ronald, but I really like this photo:)

  5. I think it is Ronald,and he is inviting kids for have fun at lunch time!
    Léia :)

  6. hasta en la sopa caray!!

  7. Ja, Ja, Ja, Ja, muy bueno ... es como si se hubiera pintado al rededor de una figura la silueta..., pero ¿qué ha sido del que hizo de silueta?, ¿el de Macdolas en los ratos libres?
    Bien vista

    un abrazo

  8. Without the clue I would not have got it either ... I thought: wow street art ... hm advertisement? ... duuuh fast food.

  9. It's a great photo. We could use a lot fewer Ronald's in the world, and some healthy alternatives.

  10. Thanks for all the comments. I can see that some commenters did not immediately recognise the silhouette. Once upon a time, it was the the brightly coloured, inanely grinning clown figure Ronald McDonald, inviting you to taste the dubious delights of American fast food. Now, he has faded away and seems to waving goodbye, rather than hello.

    Julie: You mean like Iceland, where they have moved out of the entire country? No, here in Saarbrücken they have moved to newer premises, where Ronald no longer fits in with their cult café image (see 2009-07-04).

    Joan Elizabeth: I am no big fan either, but I have to admit, you can now a get a decent cup of Darjeeling tea there these days.

    Layrayski: There was, indeed, a bona fide Ronald figure there. I am not quite sure how he ended up getting scraped off, rather than painted over.

    joo: I hope the info above has filled in this gap in your knowledge. The photo probably means more to people who recognise the clown figure that was once there.

    Cezar and Léia: Now, I think Ronald is waving goodbye. He has moved. The kids will need to walk another 500m for their lunch.

    Sonia: En la sopa??!

    Ángel Corrochano: No sé como Ronald ha llegado tener esta triste silhueta. Otro misterio del mundo.

    Martina: I hope the info above makes you better informed about the marketing of American fast food chains. Wikipedia tells me Ronald is now the Chief Happiness Officer of the firm.

    Gallow: McDonalds has only moved to new premises. But they now have a corner that tries to emulate Starbucks, with bagels instead of burgers and smoothies instead of coke. A minor step in a healthy direction?

  11. Ronald McDonald is gone? I will not miss him.