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The cult café?

Two weeks ago, Saarbrücken was upgraded to McCafé status in the burger empire. Say what you will about McDonalds, but I had always wished someone would build a café in the location —Römerkastell, now a major public transport interchange — and their coffee and toasted bagel did not taste so bad.


  1. Cult car, indeed! Renault R4, right?

    I'm not a fan myself of McDonald's but I must admit the McCafé idea might successfully attract new customers. However, is there any other traditional café one can go to in Saarbrücken?

  2. hello...thanks for your visit and comment..
    and nice to meet you..excuse my bad English..but
    i try...:)
    my mother had the same car when i was child...
    and every morning when weather very cold we push it for start...:)
    but i love this model..de tres bons souvenirs..:)
    a bientot..

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: The McCafé idea is to copy Starbucks as much as is humanly possible. And it does result in a drinkable cup of coffee.

    In the centre of town there are plenty of elegant Konditereien selling coffee and cake and Italian gelaterie selling coffee and ice-cream. I will have to take photos of some of them. However, no one except McDonalds has the capital and marketing muscle to build a new building on a main roundabout underneath a railway bridge and drive custom to it.

    clo: Thanks for your visit here. Your English is fine. It looks to me as if the car in the photo is only being used as a surface for advertising. To move it, you have to push it, too.

    They were special cars. They looked different to other cars on the road, and if I remember, they had a gear lever on the dashboard, not on the floor.

  4. AB, I'm looking forward to your downtown café and Konditereien pictures. (;

  5. Nice car, it runs on coffee?

  6. Caçador: I think you can put what you like in the tank &mmdsh; you will still have to push it.

  7. McCaf'e, their coffee isn't too bad. But not sure it has that comfortable feel inside. None of the Mcdonalds around here are cozy at any rate.

  8. Dusty Lens: The McCafés seem a tad more stylish than other McDonalds but still lack charm. However, here is a photo of the location, taken from the massive roundabout they have just built. It would be hard to put a charming café on that spot. But there are lots of people driving and walking by in their leisure time, so I think a McCafé will be popular.