Korean totem pole

The pole must be a Jangseung, which according to Wikipedia, are traditionally placed at the edges of villages to mark for village boundaries and frighten away demons. They were also worshipped as village tutelary deities.

The photo was taken before the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Europe on the universtiy campus in Saarbrücken. The institute is currently expanding and constructing a second building next to this one. We have more than just closed pitheads and steelworks in Saarland.


  1. I was glad to find it is a Korean pole as I didn't think Germans did totem poles but then again I didn't know about menhirs either.

  2. But why Korean? What is the link?

  3. We used to have a neighbor that made totem poles. They were always interesting.

    Nice photo. I like the perspective, the shadow on the building, and the dark blue sky above. Well done.

  4. Nice photo! the contrast between de totem, an old culture, and the new architecture got stylish! =]

  5. Interesting. I wasn't aware the Koreans used totem poles. This one looks fairly old.

  6. Great perspective in this one! The artificial material of the building harmonizes perfectly with the totem pole.

  7. I would not have guessed it is Korean. I wonder what the writing says.

  8. me encanta.. se ve como que bien contento, no?

  9. Thanks for the comments.

    Joan Elizabeth: It may be a Korean pole, but it is in Germany.

    Julie: I am not sure what you are asking. I mentioned in my caption that the pole is in front of a Korean research institute. Why is the research institute on a Saarbrücken campus? Well, it has to be in Europe to cooperate with EU research, and Saarbrücken is pretty central, pretty prestigious, and has a nice spot of land to build on.

    Gallow: I guess the genre is pretty open. As long it is pole-like and has figures on it, you can let your imagination run riot.

    Paula Werner Severo: Obrigado.

    Don and Krise: It does look old, but I do not have any information on its history, or rather their history. This guy has a twin brother standing next to him.

    Buenos Aires Photoblog: Thanks.

    ical: Thanks.

    Andreea: Sorry, but I have too zero idea what it says.

    Sonia: A lo mejor trozos de madera no necisitan mucho para estar contento.

  10. Love the contrast of the composition!