celts, mock battle

Let battle commence!

It seems I was not the only one following the traces of the Celts in Lorraine. Several more had turned up to see the activities at the Celtic Weekend at Bliesbruck / Reinheim, which included these Frenchmen demonstrating the battle techniques of their Celtic forefathers. The grandstand in the background is actually the building housing the remains of the Roman baths. Vive Asterix!


  1. jajaja...Asterix!, ame ese personaje... quien no, veradad!?, era genial.

    pasaste por un extraordinario momento ahi, que ganas de ver ese evento!.

    un saludo bonito finde!.


    cuando tengas oportunidad pasate por mi blog que ando en busca de algo y a lo mejor tu me puedes ayudar con eso. Gracias!.

  2. I understand that people get quite passionate about these reenactments ... I don't quite understand it myself.

  3. The end is drinking:) lot of beer.
    Nice. I love it!

    Bless you.

  4. First you joust, then you bathe. (Cotton swabs...Ha-ha, I love it!!)

  5. Buena toma, me imagino que estuvo genial el evento, el ambiente, la gente y supongo acompañado de buena comida y bebida. Saludos y buen fin de semana.