celts, tent

Celtic des. res.

Although Asterix' village held out against the Romans, it did finally fall to modernity. However, rumour has it that in a distant corner of Lorraine, the fighting Gallic spirit lives on. Here I found some traces.

P.S. It has been brought to my attention that there are parts of the world where people have not heard of Asterix. I suggest such people browse through the list of characters on Wikipedia and get a copy of one of the books as soon as possible. Language need not be a barrier. You can even obtain some books in the dialect of the Saarland.


  1. Nice! You need to found the magic drink :-)
    I love your post

  2. Have never heard of Asterix. I can almost smell the hay in that camp.

  3. Un reportaje excelente
    Curiosa esta reconstrucción. Me recuerda los mercados medievales, que se suelen montar en la geografía española.
    Muy buenas las tomas

    Un abrazo

  4. Thanks for stopping by creativity and imagination of Jose Ramon and photos for your comment

  5. That can't be ... people who never heard of Asterix????? Naaaa. Can't be. So they missed Idefix as well?

    This pic is a nice antithesis to the last post's castle.

  6. I'm with Webruci: what about the magic potion? :-)))